Project H - Service Design

The Service Design project is an interdisciplinary project that aims to approach design problems from a broad perspective. You will gain competencies through interdisciplinary teamwork in service design, developing a design thinking approach to problem identification/analysis and problem solving.

In this project you will learn about Service Design. In a way you could say that Service Design is the ultimate User-Centred Design. When designing a service, it is essential that we depart from the perspective of the customer of the service. The approach of service design is to focus not merely on achieving the business goals, but on how the customers’ experience can be optimised, which in turn will lead to better business results.

Service Design is very much a process of discovery, exploration, experimentation and creative thinking. In this project you will be briefed on the ways of Service Design and then engage in the process yourself. You will learn to work with a variety of techniques to elicit customer needs and find opportunities for innovation in services. Through co-creation, working with both the customers and service providers, you will develop concepts for new services and service experiences.

The book ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ (Stickdorn, M. & Schneider, J., 2012) is highly recommended. Watch the book’s trailer at

6 EC
10 wk



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