After graduation

Working as a freelancer: lots of freedom
Diëlle van Dijk graduated in 2015 and now works as a freelance designer. During her studies, she completed a study exchange in Tampere, Finland, which turned out to be the most memorable period during her studies. “I had such a good time, yet also learned a considerable deal. It was also very interesting to have the opportunity to view things from a different perspective.”

When she returned from Finland, she began an intern- ship almost immediately. “I didn’t return to my studies again until afterwards. Sitting in the classroom once more, I realised how tremendously I had grown. I no longer felt like a student, but that I was ready to start working. I had found my passion and was confident I could succeed.”

After graduating, Diëlle began to work for herself. “I still had so many things I wanted to do and didn’t want to spend all day in an office.” She also loves to travel. “Which is not easy to combine with a job that only gives you X number of days off. I carry out all kinds of assignments for a wide range of clients, from developing a website for an international transport company and social media advertisements to writing e-mails for a small men’s fashion shop in The Hague and developing the identity of a start-up.”

Working with other young professionals in a creative mindset
Maarten van der meer graduated in 2016 and now works as user interface designer and front-end developer at "When I was finding out more about the different bachelor studies, this study program seemed to be the right choice for me. You learn more than just how to make attractive designs and above all how to consider the ‘why’ and ‘for whom’ of your designs.”

Maarten says that the most educational part of his studies was the third-year internship. “I worked as an intern at in front-end development. This was only covered briefly during the programme and I wanted to develop my skills further. I saw the opportunity to specialise in this further, especially since it links up well with user interface design.”

After completing his graduation assignment at, Maarten was offered a job. “For those who are not familiar with, it lets you easily schedule plans with friends and family. has a staff of around fifteen, all young professionals with a creative mindset. We work together well and the atmosphere is a positive one, especially during get-togethers and nights on the town, of course. I’m still at the start of my career, but have already been given a great deal of responsibility in terms of decisions related to the design to be developed for I also have free reign to work on my front-end skills for two of our sister companies.”